Friday, 25 December 2015

The Christmas spirit of Billy Bob Thornton

Following his instantly classic performance as the hypnotically charismatic and psychopathic hitman Lorne Malvo in the first series of the TV adaption of Fargo (who Bokeem Woodbine's equally as smooth Mike Milligan in the second series was obviously based upon), I have keenly followed the acting career of Billy Bob Thornton.

Christmas can be pleasantly utilized as a time of contemplation and relaxation, but it can also be a depressing and anxious period of the year, much like birthdays can be. As Jackson C. Frank sullenly sang: "It's already over in October, it's already Christmas every year..." The New Year festivities, overcast by gloomy winters, frequently induce self-consciousness existential crisis about the passage of time, goals unaccomplished and future uncertainties, probably why the seasonal alcoholism is traditional for those partaking.

Being a Billy Bob fan has helped to assuage my negative vibes, however, as I noticed that he is to star in Bad Santa 2 - a sequel to a 2003 cult classic that is set for release in the Christmas of 2016. This announcement provided a surreal glimmer of hope. I decided that my 2016 will be relative in anticipation to the release of Bad Santa 2. I appreciate any concern, but my role model is not Billy Bob's portrayal of a chain-smoking and misogynistic robber who uses his position as a supermarket Father Christmas to engage in grand larceny.

My role model is Billy Bob himself. A masterful character actor who was not granted a big break as an actor until his mid-thirties after years of graft, eventually winning Oscars for his absolute determination and artistic integrity. A lesson in self-belief and an antidote to the angst that the season can plague us with, Billy Bob's visage in a Santa outfit shall be the iconography of my transpersonal mental health self-medication at Christmastime.

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