Monday, 9 March 2015

Was Margaret Thatcher the head of child sex abuse, rape and murder cover-up?

The mounting historical evidence is revealing Margaret Thatcher as having been complicit in the abuse of children by establishment paedophiles when she was Prime Minster of the United Kingdom. The Daily Mirror reported in July 2014 that Thatcher "personally covered up" child abuse by a "rising star" paedophile in the Conservative Party, whom she demanded "clean up" his sexual activity. Apparently no police action was taken against this paedophile when he was caught preying on boys at Victoria railway station in London.

It would appear that child abuse by paedophile allies was primarily a political liability to Thatcher, not criminality to be intercepted or punished. The victims were collateral damage. This is the defining attitude of the corrupt, covering up authorities in high-profile mass child abuse cases of today like in Rotherham and Oxfordshire. After his death last year, Thatcher's Home Secretary Leon Brittan was named as a serial abuser of children involved in the Westminster paedophile ring, now subject to ongoing police investigations, that abused children at Elm Guest House and Dolphin Square, where children were reportedly abused, raped, and murdered by Members of Parliament and other paedophile elites. The same Brittan was handed a dossier by Geoffrey Dickens MP detailing child abuse by Westminster paedophiles (which, conveniently, has gone missing since).

Now declassified Cabinet Office documents reveal that Thatcher was aware of multiple police reports of child abuse against paedophile Cyril Smith MP - a prolific, serial, sadistic abuser of children in the Rochdale residential homes he presided over as a governor - and despite this insisted that he be conferred a knighthood. The police did conduct criminal investigations into Smith's abuses when he was still alive and yet, somehow, prosecution of him was always obstructed. Another serial abuser and rapist of children, who Thatcher also lobbied for the knighting of, was paedophile Jimmy Savile, who was feted on multiple occasions by Thatcher at Chequers. Both Savile and Smith, whose combined victim tallies likely reaches four figures, were never prosecuted for their crimes despite the overwhelming, corroborating evidence proving their guilt. It is well documented that both men's crimes were systematically facilitated, not only by their maleficent, influential and manipulative natures, but by the complicity, victim blaming and cover-up of the institutions they offended in: including local councils, police forces and prosecuting authorities. Only after their deaths did the majority of survivors feel secure to speak out.

Police believe that Smith and Savile attended "sex parties" where children (many procured from the social care system) were abused at Elm Guest House, the same believed to have been attended by Leon Brittan and other Thatcher Cabinet paedophiles, that were organised by paedophile Sidney Cooke. Cooke is a serial rapist and torturer of children who is serving two life sentences for the killing of two young boys (one of which was a manslaughter as the boy died from his injuries after a gang rape by Smith and his paedophile ring, and another was murdered).

It logically figures that Thatcher, at the apex of political power and influence, with a mindset permeated with ruthless self-advancement - as seen in her underhanded and brutal repression of opponents like trade unions, and unwavering sympathy towards corrupt and abusive police - was both directly and indirectly integral to the cover-up of establishment paedophilia.  Her friends and political allies were involved in paedophile rings that raped and murdered children. And, more broadly, paedophiles like Jimmy Savile pathologically exploited corrupt public institutions that adhered to the same culture of silence and intimidation and disbelief of the victims. A related exemplar of Thatcher's mentality and moral compass was her avowed allegiance to General Augusto Pinochet, a mass murdering war criminal who sanctioned rape and sexual assault by his men as a method of torturing imprisoned political dissidents, and who Thatcher publicly defended after his indictment and arrest in London for crimes against humanity in 1998. Perhaps new evidence on Thatcher's role in the UK's child abuse cover-ups will reveal why her associates were able evade justice and continue perpetrating their own atrocities so easily. It is already evident that covering up child abuse was a defining feature of Thatcherism; for the sake of child welfare today, this conservative icon should be remembered for it.

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