Thursday, 19 March 2015

Is Israel the most racist country on Earth?

Benjamin Netanyahu has been reelected for a fourth term as Prime Minister of Israel. He has done so by expressing an overt and racially charged contempt for democracy. Netanyahu warned that Israeli Arabs, who make up around twenty percent of the Israeli population, would vote for opposition parties that advocate two-state settlement with Palestine. This Fifth Column, as a Netanyahu portrays it, merely advocates that Israel complies with obligations with a consensus in international diplomacy and law: to give the Palestinians the right to a state representation and to end illegal settlements in the Palestinian territories.

The surge in support for Netanyahu and Likud was driven by Netanyahu's promise to oppose any recognition or possible establishment of a State of Palestine. This State would provide a diplomatic representation of the Palestinian people, and would give the Palestinian authorities an administration with which to hold the Israeli state accountable for its violations of international law, including its war crimes, therefore making the possibility of an ICC prosecution of Israeli war crimes more likely. So perhaps Netanyahu, as the one of the main conspirators in the perpetration of war crimes, does have a vested interest to oppose Palestinian statehood in order to decide his own fate. But these war crimes themselves are motivated by a racism that is encapsulated in calls for genocide, or even a Holocaust, of the Palestinians among the Israeli intelligentsia; and given his reelection it is clear that Netanyahu has ruthlessly calculated to ferment this hatred to remain in power. His opposition to the Palestinian fate is not only driven by a fear of democracy and justice, but also a mainstream desire among the Israeli right-wing to eradicate the people symbolized by a political entity in Palestine.

There are few societies on Earth, if any, where racism is more acceptable or ubiquitous than in Israel.

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