Monday, 15 December 2014

Mundane American atrocities

Nobody should be logically fazed by the new revelations of torture ordered and committed by the American government and Central Intelligence Agency, even though they are morally repulsive. This lack of surprise should guided by 1) the historical conduct of the CIA and 2) the attitude and track record of the U.S. government officials involved in perpetrating the torture. As previously stated, it was Deputy Assistant U.S. Attorney General John Yoo who, directly on behalf of President George W. Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney, concocted the legal excuses for the CIA detainees and (at very least alleged) enemy combatants held in the blacksite dungeons where the torture took place to not have the human rights of the Geneva Conventions applied to them during the War on Terror. (Willfully violating the Geneva Conventions is inherently and obviously a war crime). It was Yoo who stated that threatening to crush the testicles of a detainee's child would be a justifiable form of psychological torture for the president to authorize.

The torture employed by the CIA, directly facilitated through the sanction of the war criminal Bush administration, included forcing medical instruments into the anuses of detainees in order to pump foodstuffs into their rectums as a form of "hydration" (an antiquated method of forced feeding which can cause anal fissures and prolapses and apparently did on one occasion), and leaving detainees chained in freezing cold temperatures, which led to the death of at least one detainee, Gul Rahman (whose hashtagged name deserves to trend on social media as much as the black victims of domestic American police brutality). Furthermore, children were actually raped in front of their parents. The definition of torture is the calculated infliction of physical and psychological suffering as punishment or as a (clearly erroneous and fruitless) form of intelligence gathering. It cannot be said that these atrocities were limited to torture if systematic rape, child abuse and murder took place as well. It is self-evidently in kind with the child testicle-crushing school of ethics. How can America, along with nations such as Britain and Poland who aided and abetted these crimes, take the moral high ground above the likes of al-Qaeda and ISIL if it makes excuses and rejects the prosecution of those responsible for this?

The brazen arrogance publicly displayed by the war criminals behind this barbarism, such as John Brennan and Dick Cheney, indicates a self-assured understanding that they will never be brought to justice. Like all professional criminals, they exhibit a shameless contempt for basic justice and civility. Other war criminals, such as Henry Kissinger (never prosecuted for, in criminal partnership with the CIA, supplanting democratically elected governments in Latin America with far-right military juntas or authorizing the use of chemical weapons against civilians in Vietnam), are well-acquainted with this corruptly untouchable impunity. The cowardly administration of Barack Obama (whom Malcolm X would undoubtedly identify as a "House Negro" for his white masters) has reasserted that Bush administration and CIA officials will face no criminal prosecution for their war crimes, reinforcing America's complete moral bankruptcy and hypocrisy.

It is thus the duty of human rights organizations and campaigners in general to lobby for these war criminals to face justice by other means. The International Criminal Court should be appealed to assert its universal jurisdiction and issue arrest warrants. If the U.S. government and law enforcement agencies refuse to comply with the warrants, this would at least exhibit America's status as a nation in contempt of human rights and international criminal law (as always shown by its servility to war criminal Israel). Even if the war criminals are never practically brought to justice, they should at least live in the knowlege of being known as such until their destructive and wretched existences end, and in the posterity of history.

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