Tuesday, 25 November 2014

The East Riding of Yorkshire Cover-up?

Pam Allen, the head of the East Riding of Yorkshire Council's children and young people's support and safeguarding children services since 2009, was the director of child safeguarding at Rotherham Council. She faces a probe by South Yorkshire Police regarding her role in the organised cover-up of the failure to prevent mass child sexual exploitation in the town; as are two of her former Rotherham colleagues who are also now employed by the ERYC.

Although the ERYC claimed that it would "review" Ms Allen's position, it is evident that they retain confidence in her as she remains on their safeguarding children board, whose November 2014 newsletter (http://www.erscb.org.uk/news/newsletter/) notes her participation in a seminar on the history of social work:

"Pam Allen provided a whistle stop history of Social Work practice. It was a helpful reflection on how the profession has developed from the first Social Workers called hospital almoners right through to the recent publication of the Jay Report."

It is the same Jay Report in which Ms Allen is implicated in being involved in Rotherham Council's systematic cover-up of the mass rape, trafficking, sexual enslavement, and torture of hundreds of young people by paedophile grooming gangs; including children under the care of the institutions that she presided over. At least one was murdered. Perhaps the "whistle stop" referred to could be interpreted as techniques relayed to ERYC staff by Ms Allen with which to repressively bully and intimidate whistleblowers, as occurred in Rotherham Council?

Her department failed to act, despite multiple governmental and police reports detailing the extent of the abuse; the council staff who tried to speak out have reported being harassed and ignored by their superiors, and one researcher had her office broken into and her research papers detailing the council's failures stolen and presumably destroyed in an effort to pervert the course of justice.

How can the public possibly have any trust in the East Riding of Yorkshire Council to safeguard children when those employed to do so by the ERYC display such brazen shamelessness and hypocrisy, even when they are under investigation for negligence and corruption of[potentially criminal proportions? It certainly incites concern for the welfare of children in East Yorkshire if these are the standards of ethics and accountability the ERYC is comfortable with.

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