Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Umbrella Revolution

This blog frequently receives page visits from China. Given that it frequently discusses political dissent and protest movements, including the Tienanmen square incident, it somewhat surprises me that it could be accessible on the mainland. Thus I hope that those Chinese readers can receive this direct message to them.

I hope that you will support the movement for universal suffrage and democratic self-determination in Hong Kong. Hong Kongers have the fundamental human right to be free from the hegemony and diktat of Beijing and the Communist Party. This does not mean that your country, its culture and people are held in contempt: the corruption and inequality imposed upon you by your ruthlessly elitist and repressive political order impacts the entirety of China. The socialism that the Communist Party claims to stand for is contradicted by the vast iniquity and ubiquitous corruption and economic exploitation it sanctions, which is no different to the economic and social injustice being revolted against in the West. I hope that Hong Kong will inspire you to stand up for human rights in China just the same.

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