Saturday, 4 October 2014

Rotherham, child abuse, racism and cover-ups

The political and media establishment must not be allowed to twist a matter of establishment corruption into one of race and immigration. The Rotherham child abuse case, in which hundreds of children were raped, sexually enslaved and tortured on a mass scale, is emblematic of a society that blames the victims of abuse and turns a blind eye to it to suit its own vested interests. A society in which the children victim to this institutionalised neglect and maltreatment are viewed as collateral damage in the establishment's self-serving damage control cover-up agenda.

Granted, it is possible "political correctness", or facetious concerns about "race relations", were used a tool with which to conveniently ignore the abuse of children in Rotherham. The authorities (council, police and social services) also opted for the victim blaming standpoint that the girls being abused were "promiscuous" and from "troubled" families; that they only had themselves to blame. These bureaucrats were opportunistic liars and abettors of the child abusers.

The Jimmy Savile and Cyril Smith cases are no different in practice; the difference in both being that the perpetrators of the child abuse were white men in positions of authority and influence, with both men abusing this power in order to cover-up their rape and paedophilia; with dozens in positions of power and authority acting in their favour. Government, council, medical and social services authorities were institutionally, ubiquitously and deliberately complicit to Savile and Smith's abuse of hundreds of children. Public relations and financial interests were priority to these criminal obstructors of justice and accomplices to child abusers. Rotherham, Rochdale and Jimmy Savile are certainly not isolated cases. The active covering up of the abuse of children on a mass scale by the establishment, especially social care authorities, is a phenomenon that has and continues to ruin the lives of thousands of children in the UK. It is an atrocity that must be revealed.

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