Thursday, 14 August 2014

I am not white

I am not white. I may be primarily Caucasian, but from my mother's side I am partially Roma, and from my father's I am partially Cook Island Māori. Thus I am mixed racedefinitely the Other. I am ashamed to have presented myself as "white" by default in the past, but perhaps the pain of the shame of my childhood was too much to confront.

My skin is darkly-toned, my nose is slightly wide, my forehead is slightly high. I therefore do not doubt that racism, at least subconsciously, singled me out for victimhood from the adults abusing their authority to perpetrate their other forms of institutional abuse and discrimination, all trauma which responsible for my mental health condition. "Jacob looks unwashed", they told my mother, who was literally described as "swarthy" by them. "He has dark rings under his eyes" was an issue. One attempted to scrub my "dirty", brown-skinned little hands.

I am Jacob Richardson. I am not white. I will fight for justice and shame you for your white supremacy instead.

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