Monday, 7 July 2014

Vindication regarding child abuse cover-ups

The issue of organised child abuse being systematically cover up by those with establishment political authority is a scandal which only now is coming to fore in the mass media. This is vindicating. Since I was sadistically sexually abused within institutions (experiences which you can read some of the detail of here) entrusted to educate and care for me over a decade ago, I have spoken out against the injustice and corruption that facilitated these crimes. Equally on a multitude of occasions, even as a desperate and mentally disturbed child, I was shut-down and dismissed by those influenced or outright controlled by the local authority when I tried to discuss my trauma and get help for the metastasized mental illness caused by it, which plagues me constantly. The scars on my wrists mark their moral depravity and lies, and the psychiatric injuries that will never heal.

Nonetheless, I am determined for the crimes against children that have been perpetrated and covered up on an institutional scale to be revealed, and for the victims to have justice. There can be no limitations on police or governmental inquiries and those who engineered the cover-up of child abuse should be prosecuted for their multi-decade criminal conspiracy to pervert the course of justice. The modus operandi of institutionalised victim blaming and concealment I have no doubt has facilitated the abuse of thousands of children, and equally the cover-up of these crimes.

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