Thursday, 10 July 2014

Tory NHS privatisation plan comes to fruition

Oliver Letwin infamously stated in 2004 that the National Health Service would not exist within five years of a Conservative government coming to power. He is being proven right, and his own proposed model with which to privatise the NHS is being used to ensure it.

In 1988 Letwin advocated the replacement of the NHS with a "National Health Insurance Scheme". This NHIS would transform the NHS from a single-payer universal healthcare system into one in which patients, or "consumers", would select provision of healthcare service from within an internal market via individual health insurance accounts, thereby making it function as a voucher system. In other words, the NHS would be privatised and transformed into a for-profit operation, no long a public service, with terms overwhelmingly dictated by private healthcare companies regardless of the impact on patient care.

In 2014 it is being proposed that millions of NHS patients should "select" their healthcare services using a voucher system from within an NHS which is being rapidly fragmented to the benefit of private healthcare companies taking over NHS services and running them for-profit following the passage of the Health and Social Care Bill. Aren't the healthcare services you truly need covered by your health vouchers? Then pay.

Oliver Letwin's plan to privatise the NHS to coming to fruition: it is falling into place precisely. That has and always will be the Tory plan.

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