Saturday, 26 April 2014

Targeted by TERFs

I only recently became aware of this article in which I am accused by whomever the author was of "harassing lesbian feminists". So I will take a moment to refute this pitiful hackjob.

In reality, I have never "harassed" anyone in the manner implied. My comments, which I unapologetically stand by, referred to the notorious transphobic hate campaigner Cathy Brennan: 1) actually harassing and criminally disseminating the personal information of transgender teenagers, whom she has a track record of committedly victimising, and 2) Brennan's threats to sue the New Statesman for Laurie Penny's planned exposé of her transphobic hate campaigns, these literal and moral crimes, and their consequences.

So yes, Cathy Brennan bullying children to satisfy her twisted prejudices, and engaging in financial blackmail in an effort to censor her string of hate crimes, does indeed make her an awful human being in all dimensions.

It says a lot that her defenders would use gaslighting tactics so effectively utilised by a variety of bigots, such as similarly misogynist MRAs. It is a wretched hypocrisy to smear opponents of abuse in the name of opposing it.

For anyone's information: I will stand against bigotry and discrimination by whomever it is perpetrated by, whether this be TERFs, Louis Farrakhan, or the KKK.

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