Thursday, 27 March 2014

Savile and institutional complicity

How exactly was paedophile Jimmy Savile, the serial rapist and molester of many dozens of children and vulnerable people, never held accountable for his crimes? How was he never arrested and brought to prosecution when he was alive, despite multiple corroborating historical (from the 1950s) and recent (from 2009) police complaints from his victims from across the UK's legal jurisdiction?

Are we to believe that Savile was simply conniving enough to be able to conceal his actions and character effectively at every turn? And that the simple tragedy of human error within institutions, such as care homes, the BBC, schools and hospitals, facilitated him? To me such presumptions are a patent absurdity. Savile, in his twisted way, was logically intelligent. His psychological profile indicates a clinical psychopathy capable of limitless and ruthless manipulation of external conditions. He understood, in summary, that institutional authorities are frequently more concerned about their own reputations and personal interests than protecting children from harm. His amoral accessories were more than willing to cover-up for a rapist and paedophile destroying and violating the innocence of vulnerable people in the name of PR and salaries. They hushed up the victims. They had psychiatric patients abused by Savile interred in solitary confinement and branded as delusional when they spoke out. They ignored complaints and destroyed documents. Their Kafkaesque "investigations" referred to self-referring documentation which met the preconceived conclusion of their being no abuse or culpability. 
Savile as legacy of sexual criminality was not simply a product of his own monstrous id. He was fundamentally protected and empowered by a culture of victim blaming and selfishness that abusers thrive upon at every level of our society.