Thursday, 30 January 2014

"Progressive" antisemitism

The poison of antisemitism is an age old but insurgent disease in Europe. The French "comedian" Dieudonné manipulates populist causes to promote his own overt anti-Jewish prejudices, while the unabashed fascism and neo-Nazism of parties such as Golden Dawn and Jobbik, propagating Holocaust denial and the old canards about Jewish economic and media control, are consistently gaining popularity in Greece and Hungary.

Despite its persistence for literally millenia, we seem to have taken for granted antisemitism as form of bigotry which holds a seemingly archaic veneer.

This is perhaps due to the insurgence of Islamophobia, which in its own regard is often described as being the "new" antisemitism. Islamophobia is often included in reference to opposition to general forms of hatred: racism, homophobia, misogyny etc. 

In reality, antisemitism remains a cultural and political malevolence. And it is a parasite which has begun to grow thanks to this neglect of its combating.

Much like Islamophobia, antisemitism is not reserved to any ideological standpoint. Of course, its takes a pure and overt form in the far-right. But otherwise I have observed it manifesting in a way which is particularly more pernicious and covert. 

An example I refer to is the University and College Union's refusal to relate opposition to Israeli state policy to anti-Jewish hatred in any circumstance, as if alliances with this hatred is an ends justifying the means, even though antisemitic hatred denigrates the campaign against racial segregation and ethic cleansing of the Palestinians comparable to that of the Jews by Nazism.

I have observed antisemitic hatred and propaganda on social media sites that would make Joesph Goebbels proud. And it not propagated by hardcore neo-Nazism, but by persons supposedly involved in causes of social justice, with this hatred seemingly being passively accepted as a morally innocent or legitimate interpretation of narratives relating to economic inequality and elitism. 

The stand against the poison of antisemitism is a cause that must be brought to our moral forefront. The growing persistence of this malignancy must be eliminated.

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