Tuesday, 24 December 2013


The Israeli government and army has ethically cleansed and murdered tens of thousands of Palestinian civilians through its war crimes. It has tortured, illegally imprisoned and displaced thousands more. Deprives food and amenities for thousands through its siege on Gaza. Enforces racial segregation against Palestinians in and outside of Israeli territory. And then wonders why there’s occasionally a resentful backlash.

Saturday, 21 December 2013

Why right-wingers should support free money for everyone.

Conservatism, at least in the orthodox classical liberal sense, is supposed to stand for an noninvasive and small government. Why then are right-wingers generally so keen on social security systems that spitefully ration money to the unemployed, poor, disabled people, and the generally downtrodden, along with the deepening and acceleration of this economic rationing? Such draconian policies depend upon complex state power-enforced bureaucracies to impose them. Defending this disciplinarian apparatus is in principle closer to fascism or Stalinism.

If the philosophical imperative of conservatism is a reduction in state power, then right-wing conservatives should support a system which is inherently non-prejudicial and requiring minimal state social security bureaucracy in its nature. The system I speak of is the concept of a guaranteed basic income which every person in society would be automatically entitled to, regardless of employment status, income level, wealth or lack thereof.

The concept of a GBI was originally proposed by Thomas Paine in his Agrarian Justice pamphlet. It is an idea that has gained support transcending ideological divisions, such as on the part of arch neoliberal Milton Friedman, who supported the idea of a guaranteed minimum income (which is slightly different from GBI in its approach of redistributing state taxation funds, to those with low incomes taxed, at a base level, rather than making basic income payments universal, but still based upon the same fundamental principle).

Trade unions play a vital role in our social fabric by defending the basic human rights and personal welfare of workplace employees. But most trade union struggles in history have been incited by ills primarily driven by economic inequality. The reliable safety net of a universal basic income, which would  would undo these ills by empowering workers on an individual level to refuse toleration of abusive, discriminatory, and low wage working conditions. It would socially empower workers on an individual rather than collective unionist level.

So a universal basic income would reduce the size of the state and essentially politically disempower trade unions...it seems like the key to many right-wing ideological fantasies.