Friday, 13 September 2013

Chuka Umunna victimises the homeless

Today I met a homeless man named Chris. His appearance and demeanor, as refined and dignified as he could muster, contradicted the prevailing stereotype of homelessness. He explained that he had been living in a flat, but has been sleeping rough for around a year after his private landlord (probably subsidised by Housing Benefit) pushed up his rent and evicted him onto the streets.

I am not aware of how Chris presently survives, but there is a hypothetical possibility that he could squat in abandoned properties, especially during cold weather.

The above remark by Chuka Umanna, exemplifying the Labour Party's commitment to liberal capitalist propertarianism, would in its implicit rationale have more moral sympathy for the private landlord than the homeless man. When it is the squatter, frequently vulnerable and/or impoverished, who is simply seeking a safe habitation in a material location otherwise standing disused with no utility to humanity at all.

Malcolm Frost, aged 61, died in November 2012 in freezing conditions while living in his garden shed after his private landlord evicted him.

The moral onus is on Chuka Umanna: would he inherently condone the killing of those such as Malcolm Frost, or his punishment if he sought refuge in abandoned unused property? Given his support for strengthening already draconian anti-squatting laws introduced by the coalition government, it seems as such.

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