Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Israel and antisemitism

The University and College Union recently passed a motion claiming that criticism of Israel can never connote to antisemitism. Such an assertion is, to be straightforward about the matter, stupid.

Of course apologists for the Israeli state's crime against humanity, war crimes, and domestic apartheid and ethnic cleansing policies, occasionally moot the extremely vacuous accusation that critics of and activists against these crimes are driven by antisemitic prejudice. This is neatly refuted by the fact of Jewish involvement in pro-Palestine campaigns such as BDS and the Free Gaza Movement, including rabbis and survivors of the Holocaust.

The UCU's motion is evidently a reactionary counter to this: and it is as morally irresponsible as it is stupid.

There can neither be any denying of the attempts to hijack pro-Palestine causes by fascist and racist elements. And for bodies like the UCU to simply bury their heads in the sand regarding this issue, rather than tackle and disavow it head-on, in itself gives antisemitism a free ride.

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