Thursday, 28 February 2013

John Nash and the trail of corruption

Since 2006, John Nash, who was until 2010 the Chairman of private healthcare providers CareUK, has donated over £300,000 to the Conservative Party. Since the Conservative Party-led coalition government formed in May 2010, the following has occurred:

  • CareUK has been set to benefit from privatisation within the National Health Service enacted under Health Secretary Andrew Lansley in April 2012 (with Lansley's  personal office being gifted a £21,000 donation from John Nash himself).
  • John Nash was appointed by Chancellor George Osborne to a panel "advising" the government on public spending cuts. Nash recommended £10 billion of "efficiency savings" (spending cuts) to the NHS. Incidentally, CareUK will profit from outsourcing used, and accelerated in Lansley's NHS bill, to cover the lack of services caused by these very cuts.
  • In 2011 John Nash and his wife were specifically chosen by Iain Duncan Smith Work and Pensions Secretary to supply (and profit from) £73 million worth of the government's forced unpaid labour schemes.
  • In January 2013, John Nash was given a seat in the House of Lords by Prime Minster David Cameron, and has been made an education minister by Education Secretary Michael Gove. Gove then appointed Nash, fellow major Tory donor Theodore Angew, and Bain & Company (Mitt Romney's asset stripping alumni) to advise on public education cuts; with Bain being permitted to bid on public education outsourcing and privatisation contracts in the UK.
A simple inquiry: how can such blatant nepotism, bribery, corruption and conflict of interest go without adequate media scrutiny or official repercussion?