Friday, 12 October 2012

Thoughts on the 2012 U.S. vice-presidential debate.

  • U.S. sanctions on Iran are indeed “crippling” and “devastating” as Joe Biden says. They are literally starving people. How can this be something to brag about?
  • The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, the killing of Osama bin Laden are mentioned by Biden. But he ignores mass-killing drone wars in Pakistan, Somalia and Yemen.
  • The Mubarak regime in Egypt was supplied with diplomatic support and multi-billions in U.S. military aid for 30 years. Not just from the Obama administration.
  • Listening to a “debate” on slightly differing positions of posturing militarism is nauseating.
  • The gargantuan subsidy for the military-industrial complex is always preserved from any substantial cuts.
  • Amidst talk of Iran, the U.S. has enough nuclear missiles to destroy all life on earth numerous times over. Perhaps Iran would be more inclined to end its proliferation if it deactivated a few dozen.
  • American foreign policy: condemning human rights violations and declaring allegiance to Saudi Arabia in the same sentence. The sheer hypocrisy is self-evident.
  • Does America defend the values of “liberty and individual rights” by imposing a brutal, punitive police and surveillance state against anti-corporate dissidents and Occupy protests?
  • Paul Ryan’s justification of market-driven healthcare is the notion of “choice”. There is no choice for people unable to access treatment and medicine due to its cost.
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