Thursday, 4 October 2012

Some thoughts on the first U.S. presidential debate.

  • Mitt Romney will help the families losing their homes. By supporting bank foreclosures of them?
  • It’s typical neoliberalism for Mitt to use the symptoms of wealth inequality to justify economic austerity.
  • Tax evasion costs the U.S. $400-500 billion a year. The same amount of money would be saved through adaption of a universal healthcare system according to the American Medical Association. 
  • The problems relating to abandoning Medicare for elderly people essentially exemplify the endemic inefficiency and immorality of for-profit healthcare for all.
  • The reality of the U.S. healthcare system is an infant mortality rate higher than in Cuba.
  • If Mitt believes in state-by-state healthcare, does he supports plans in Vermont for free universal coverage?
  • Mitt argues against a board of people in government deciding on access to healthcare treatments.  Don’t health insurance companies dictate on what treatments patients can and cannot have according to their “preexisting conditions”?
  • Romney will protect religious “freedom and tolerance” by supporting segregation and suppression of the rights of women and LGBT people.
  • How reassuring that Republicans and Democrats are united in extrajudicial drone strike assassinations.
  • Of course, spending on the absurd and gargantuan military budget is untouchable.  There is no austerity for Lockheed Martin, BAE Systems, Boeing etc.

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