Monday, 23 July 2012

More rogue violence from California police officers.

On July 21, in Anaheim, Orange County, California, the Anaheim police force assaulted a group of entirely peaceful and unassuming demonstrators with rubber bullet shotguns and attack dogs, as documented in the video below.

As the video title says, the victims of this brutal, pathological and provoked attack included women and infant children, such as a mother shot in the back by an officer while holding her baby.

And why were this small crowd of people compelled to make their forces heard on the streets of Anaheim? In objection to the cold-blooded killing of man in their community in dubious circumstance by a police officer; who will almost surely be acquitted or not held accountable for this casual homicide.

Such brutality is not limited to Orange County. Police forces throughout the state of California appear to have a traditional and routine protocol for extreme violence against any form of active political dissent. Whether this be the military-grade combat assault of an Occupy movement camp by the Oakland riot squad (who have trained and advised in cooperation with the security forces of the U.S.-supported regime in Bahrain), or the pepper-spraying of entirely non-resisting students protesting against tuition fees hikes and education cuts.

Another important aspect of the Anaheim brutality case in the fact that the police force attempted to buy (or bribe) the person who had filmed it, in clear attempt to evade any accountability or possible compromise for their mobility to engage in such assaults on local families or communities in the future. The fact that our states depend upon abject corruption and mercenary violence to detain and suppress objections to police statism and socioeconomic deprivation says more than anything about their commitment to their own systems of "democracy" and "justice".

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