Friday, 6 July 2012

The destruction of the National Health Service could not be any clearer.

According to a man named Wayne Pontin, whose title is given as the chairman of the Association of Medical Insurance Intermediaries (an assortment private for-profit healthcare companies), 'it will “not be long” before patients have to pay for primary care in the same way they pay for optical and dental services,' as a consequence of government-enforced frontline cuts to the NHS. Corporate manipulation and unethical, Non-Hippocratic behaviour towars paitents does already of course exist in the form of the "private finance iniatives" and other marketisations gradually introducted over years, including by the New Labour governments of the 1990s and 2000s. But primary care is of course the supply of universal healthcare in Britain that has existed since 1948, that provides healthcare as a right, and not as a commodity to be financially manipulated or deprived to any person. Being as clear as possible: the NHS is being systematically destroyed. It is being dismantled. It is being privatised by the coalition government, by Prime Minister David Cameron's Health Secretary Andrew Lansley, to implement the eventuality of health insurance provided by predatory and profiteering corporations at a fundamental determent to society and the health of patients; which as seen in the United States results in imaginable inhumanity and justice in the way in which patients are treated by their entirely abusive insurance providers.

Nye Bevan said that the NHS will exist so as long as there are folks good enough to fight for it. And now is truly the turning point to reclaim from the clutches of the lying Tory political forces and its mendacious corporatism.

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