Sunday, 20 May 2012

Conservative Party campaigning with more honesty.

Here are the Tory Party's campaign posters in the UK from the 2010 general election if they were more transparent, perhaps in the style of the character Nada's first person in the John Carpenter film They Live. I think they speak for themselves.

Ian Duncan Smith himself used the terms "cleansing" in denying thousands of vulnerable people the welfare they need to live decent and dignified existence, and "festering" in to refer to disability activists opposing him, and those with disabilities at Remploy made unemployed by his astounding efforts in barbarity. 1,100 is only a rough, recent estimate of those who have committed suicide due to having their benefits withdrawn (with the majority unsurprisingly suffering from mental health issues already). How many more will be killed, in what we can view as manslaughter by proxy, by the further welfare cuts that David Cameron has ordered? 

Cameron has indicated his own commitment to turn the National Health Service into a fantastic businesses, with corporations such as Virgin and Serco claiming the spoils of dismantled universal healthcare.

It is beyond me why there is no mass public outrage as this government's inconsolable ideological cruelty, corruption and pathological fascism.

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