Saturday, 7 April 2012

The Wisdom of Rick Rescorla

Cornish-born American Rick Rescorla is an unsung hero from modern history. A terribly unsung one, known primarily for his actions in the World Trade Center in New York City on September 11, 2011. His experience in the American armed forces, and understanding of U.S. foreign policy, precipitated an attack on the towers on par with those that made him part of the thousands that it did take. As director of security for Morgan Stanley, he led out around 2,000 employees who would have otherwise died as the consequence of automated orders for them to stay. Therefore, the death toll of 9/11 would have been 5,000, if it was not for Rick Rescorla alone.

The Central Intelligence Agency itself has detailed documentation on the consequences of imperialistic foreign policy: that which it refers to as the kind of "blowback" seen on 9/11. Rick Rescorla voluntarily served in Vietnam, but later, as shown, disdained of an invasion that committed atrocities for essentially ideological reasons alone alone. He contextually refers to the U.S. government's invasion in Nicaragua in the 1910s which directed itself to suppress the Sandinista movement; noting the inherent failure of the notion of modern neo-colonialism to force "democracy" and "individual rights" upon civilian populations, and the perpetual utilization of terrorist organizations such as al-Qaeda, and their explicit tactic to force the U.S. into financial and geopolitical ruin with its military operations.

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