Monday, 16 April 2012

James Delingpole on climate change

I recently had a small Twitter interaction with James Delingpole; right-wing journalist who is, in his own words, right about everything. Delingpole is predominantly known for denialism surrounding the scientific consensus on climate change (though mostly expressed with "leftie"-disliking hyperbole).

Delingpole tweeted a link to an article on a grand total of five scientists who affirmed his own position. (Though granted, I would perhaps find their expertise, even if mainly based upon space travel, more convincing than Delingpole's on the subject). Though this selection of five scientists doesn't much compare to the thousands of scientists who believe in anthropogenic climate change according to empirical evidence and constant scientific review, which Delingpole and his ilk don't appear to understand. He is also keen to refer to these empiricists as "warmists", even though their position observes variations of climate temperatures and their effects on wealth patterns and habitats overall. I inquired:

To be fair, my 90% statistic given on the number of scientists who believe in man-made climate change with empirical certainty was wrong. Someone else provided links to show it actually be around 87%. Delingpole is entitled to side with the 13%, but being so selective and partial with his information is a certain lapse of integrity.

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