Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Western hypocrisy

Are western countries the international upholders of democracy and human rights?


Of course, we should condemn the unspeakable atrocities committed by the Assad regime in Syria, and the vetoes by the Russian and Chinese ambassadors, adverting diplomatic action by the United Nations against them. We should condemn the supply of arms to the Assad dictatorship by Russian and Chinese arms companies, with the former directly sponsored by Vladimir Putin's government.

Based upon the same moral reasoning, we should condemn the United States's United Nations vetoes of dozens of violations of international law committed by the State of Israel since 1972. The crimes humanity, genocide and apartheid perpetrated against the Palestinian people by the Israeli security forces are easily on par with the Syrian government's in terms of barbarity and inhumanity. The number killed over these certainly eclipses on the level of statistics. Of course, we should have no sympathy with the Islamist theocracy in Iran, and should stand with the efforts of the continual pro-democracy movement within the country. But it remarkable for nations such as the United States, with enough nuclear weapons to destroy all life on earth numerous times over, and the State of Israel with 300, to impose sanctions and manufacture war propaganda against Iran for the possibility of the Iranian government manufacturing one or two.

We should condemn the governments of the United States and the United Kingdom, subsidizing the supplying arms to the dictatorships in Saudi Arabia and Bahrain, primarily directed by the vested interests of oil companies and the international military industrial-complex. The international crimes inflicted by King Abdullah and King Hamad's regimes are on par with those committed by Assad's Syria, Gaddafi's Libya and Ahmadinejad's Iran. But of course, the west remains silent when these slaughters and abominations occur. But this is not forgetting the long-term western support for Mubarak's Egypt; support that was only withdrawn until its position became untenable in the newly conscious eyes of the world. The Bahraini regime in particular continues to enjoy support from organizations such as the Metropolitan Police, with its former Assistant Commissioner John Yates (recently testifying to the Leveson Inquiry on the Met's corruption in cooperation with Rupert Murdoch's News International)  advising the government on the tactics used to brutally crush its Arab Spring protest movement, such as the kettling used against student protesters in Britain in late 2010. And the police force of Oakland, California, which learned methods of violence and surveillance from the Bahraini security forces to use in its combat assault against the peaceful Occupy Oakland protest movement.

There is no consistent western support for democracy and human rights anywhere in the world. It fluxes between contempt or reactionary posturing according to the ideology or elite vested interests at stake. Whereas us in support of humanity's universal moral, ethical and intellectual values, defined in documents such as the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, will stand in solidarity with the international efforts against all forms of tyranny, injustice and totalitarianism: at home and abroad.

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