Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Watching the clocks

Excuse me while I engage in some scientifically dull economic analyzations without consideration of the human condition.

On the U.S. debt clock website, I coincidentally recently watched the U.S. national debt reach to over $15.4 trillion. The U.S. GDP to debt radio is solvent enough for runaway inflation and economic collapse as a consequence to not occur. But if it possibly does in the near future, I would rather not think about the consequences. I would advise that the United States government eradicates its debt by reducing its gigantically perpetual subsidy of the military-industrial complex, raising taxes on its extremely wealthy (rather than cutting them), and by replacing its immensely cost ineffective and inhumane market-driven healthcare system in favour of provision of universal healthcare.

We then observe the international debt clocks. Compared to the bank-caused catastrophes of southern Europe, it is fascinatingly transparent how the deficits of countries such as India and China are slowly but surely decreasing. Exporting, and international currency and trade manipulation, will obviously provide such a result.

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