Sunday, 29 January 2012

"Total policing"

Like outside of Winston Smith's bedroom window, helicopters will hover above the heads of crowds even fairly disparate in number on the streets of London. As in the United States, or the BAE Systems-supported Kingdom of Bahrain, police forces across Britain have surely developed a normalcy of violence towards peaceful demonstrations that challenge established powers. Make no mistake of the corporate-sponsored militarization of our police force. As evident from "anti-terrorism" operations for the 2012 Olympics, the state security forces and military are merged against the threat of democratic protest movements. The riot police in Oakland, California are known to have received training and equipment from the Bahrani security forces.  Police speedboats filled with armed officers practice the takeover of a hypothetically hijacked boat like something from a William Gibson novel. And this doesn't just include public governments. Police officers have acted as de facto security forces for private corporations in UK Uncut protests, ignoring the violence against protesters when inflicted by hired thugs who only differentiate themselves by absence of uniform. Freedom is guided along. Freedom is facilitated. Freedom is granted a permit within boundaries, herded with riot shields and makeshift metal walls. Freedom is "domestic terrorism". Freedom is suspiciously filmed. Freedom is intercepted with surveillance and agent provocateurs. Freedom is a liability. Freedom is rubber bullets, flashbangs, tear gas and kettling. The only distinction (as of yet) is the use of live ammunition (though it has been threatened). Air-to-surface missiles and drones are aimed at the mainland. Brace yourselves for it.

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