Sunday, 15 January 2012

Rejecting the austerity narrative

Credit agency Standards & Poor's  have affirmed the already obvious economic illiteracy of public spending cuts. No irony is lost on those understanding that the inflated borrowing it causes increases deficits in the longterm. I'm a progressive deficit hawk. Though there is no moral justification for the suffering and injustice it causes, it does rhetorically provide very convenient justification for governments to implement neoliberal  privatisation programs and systematic reductions in social equality and mobility. On the very same day, the Labour Party leadership, a fatuous Ed Balls and a careerist Ed Miliband, accepts the austerity propaganda narrative, absolutely disgracing the basic principle of the party of Attlee and Bevan. The message is clear: nobody should be delusional enough to believe in or depend on the one party corporate-controlled political establishment for any social justice or civil freedom. We should take heed from Egypt and Czechoslovakia in fundamental opposition to its illegitimate and crooked nepotism.

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