Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Systematic servitude

The most overwhelming method of societal control is debt. The extortion of tuition fees provides institutional punishment for intellect and academic determination, while pricing out those with potential but not circumstantial wealth to become part of  a surplus of wage slavery for corporate power. Chomsky describes this as "disciplinary" state policy. David Foster Wallace notes how those privileged enough to attend American universities to earn liberal arts degrees, such as in philosophy or literature, usually go on live in complacency and comfortable careers in finance or public relations:

Whereas Panoptic state school curriculums mainly serve to indoctrinate such uniformity. We live in dire existence if Masters degrees are mostly sought for wage rises.

Without trade unions, employees won't object or subvert towards poor wages, corruption or abusive work conditions if they have debts or mortgages to pay off. Of course, governments serve financial oligarchy with hypocrisy. There is an infinite amount of money to support a crooked system, but not society itself. The law of United States has the incomprehensible absurdity of allowing judicial and civil recognition of corporations as individuals. "Corporations are people, friend", says Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney. But perhaps this isn't so inaccurate? Maybe we are deemed to serve as the individual corporation. Humanly transparent, automatically concreted. "Austerity" is destroying basic human dignity and culture as an expense, so as long as the outmoded and illegitimate economic system can remain. We the people are aware, and say no.

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