Friday, 25 November 2011

The Labour Left's Red Book - The True Labour Party

Labour Left, The Red Book, 23 November 2011 (1)

Though I am not as of yet officially a member of the Labour Party, I identify with its historical and ideological stand for radical, progressive, socially liberal and libertarian democratic socialism, as defined by the writings, actions and words of figures such as Attlee, Bevan, Foot and Wilson. This intellect and activism is exemplified by GEER, who have complied this manifesto in a stand for a truly left-wing Labour Party.

George Orwell was a supporter of the Labour Party: though he wished it well in parliamentary successes compared to Tory rule, it is an important perspective that he organizationally left in greater favour of the anti-Stalinist Independent Labour Party. Even in the late 1940s, Orwell disdainfully found it hard to distinguish the homogenized opportunism of establishment Labour figures from that of the Conservatives. The current Labour leadership patronizes strike actionwith full rhetorical agreement from the right-wing government that has destructive contempt for the rights of workers—while the overwhelming majority of trade unionists and Labour grassroots members are evidently in favour of it. Many of my fellow left-wing travellers, general socialists or anarchists alike, completely disfavour any sort of cooperation or membership of the Labour Party, deeming the influence of New Labour neoliberalism to be completely ineradicable. I understand and can empathize with this viewpoint. I did so growing up with the betrayals and authoritarian tendencies Blair/Brown administrations. But they did achieve many great and positive things, and frankly, I'm certain we would have far, far preferred a decade of Brown compared to living through the policies of the ConDem coalition. Who did so many in the left flock to based upon these disillusionments?...the Liberal Democrats. Which is clearly a remarkable thing to consider now. Labour is a broad church. If we believe and derive anger from Labour's betrayal of its principles, then we can surely realize that those principles are our principles. If we believe in "#solidarity", we should consider to reclaim its direction accordingly.

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