Thursday, 13 October 2011

The fallibility of "crises"

It's an entirely false preconception to describe our economic situations as crises effecting the existence of a constantly presupposed economic system. These deteriorations of inhuman late capitalism, are inherent to its historical methodologies in political power. It is irrelevant and outmoded to human needs and existential direction. On this human level, there is a profound disillusionment with the constructed hierarchies of power, the futility of wage slavery and the manipulated algorithms of worthless currency and "credit", otherwise overwhelmingly accepted and indoctrinated without significant absence of complacency until now.

Late capitalism is essentially a corpse, being constantly reanimated on a metaphorical life support of shedded blood of the living and productive human organism (austerity).

Beyond this metaphor, the consciousness of this human being is waking, immediately and inherently opposing damaging conditions to its well being. Fundamental to the attempts of pacification is weakening of the metaphorical defenses to disease it imposes.

Violence manifests in varying forms: from the forces of the state against the people, the insurrectionism of those who believe it to be effective, and the kind directionless vandalism and materialism we saw in the summer riots.

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