Thursday, 15 September 2011

Revolutionary understanding of criminal tyranny is necessary

While Cameron and Sarkozy pose triumphantly in Libya, it embodies again the doublespeak of the Orientalist narrative. They preside under administrations subsidizing an arms trade, with its DSEi fair in London, selling weapons of mass murder, torture and shackles of rendition to regimes equally as totalitarian, horrific and in violation of international law as Gaddafi's Libya, including those resisting tyranny as part of the Arab Spring in all too forgotten Saudi Arabia or Bahrain.

Therefore, with all due respect to Libyan revolutionary forces and demonstrators, and their transitional government, they should not engage in sycophancy towards the establishment figures supporting and financing the genocide of their fellow Arab and African brothers and sisters.

I would wish to say to you directly, we have never faced terror or bloodshed such as yours, but in Britain, in France and across continental Europe, for any intellectually directed dissidence, we bear the beatings and the detainment from riot squads, the surveillance and intimidation of authorities, and a legal system overwhelmingly facile to the injustice of our states. This we must universally reject in solidarity.

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