Monday, 12 September 2011


On a dialectical level, we can elaborate truth and the burden of truth quite simply. Logically, to define its meaning beyond abstraction, we confounded and are confined in attempts to actualize it directly. We establish the principles that are individual but interdependent:

1. Creative propositions and abstract ideas (the relative).
2. The singular, constant and literate existences (the absolute).
3. The methodology of objective understanding relative to the absolute, namely science when applied to the psychical universe (the empirical).

The first I will represent with p, the second with q and the third with y.

q is of its own cognitive dimension. Humanity can define everything; we call it everything. It exists regardless of p, but we depend upon p, no matter how accountably mistaken or indirect, to define and develop our conception of q through y, which is the most direct actualization of q. 

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