Tuesday, 27 September 2011

To make it quite clear

Because we repeat ourselves:

The financial crisis of 2007 was the consequence of the crooked corruption, risk and greed, of multinational corporations and investment bankers, alongside their monopolized political establishments who deregulated and remained complicit to their practices. The current debt crisis is the consequence of that financial crisis, and the  people that these governments preside under are being being made suffer the "austerity" that preserves the vested interests of the criminal corporate banker cartels. Those internationally resisting this through exerting civil disobedience and democratic human rights are met with the manifested violence of the state.

Concise enough?

Sunday, 25 September 2011

What about Iran?

In light of the Middle Eastern uprisings we call the Arab Spring, it surprises me how little attention is payed or considered in context of similar movements in Iran. Remarkably, in political consciousness and journalism, it appears to less than even a vestige in terms of reference. In the future span of history, we could very well view the Iranian Green Movement as being the first mass popular political demonstrations and revolts, that effectively utilized the internet's "social media" to organize and educate its cause. I can say so myself that I first heard of something called "Twitter" in the coverage of these events.  Though not geographically "Arabic", Iran is in all cultural and political proximites the same (apart from its variations in Islamic faith, practiced or enforced); the "sea of green" in 2009,  vestiged in June's rigged presidential election of Ali Khamenei's theocratic proxy Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, was the Arab Spring before the Arab Spring.

There is a distinction in that indeed, the popular movement itself was crushed by the regime's ruthless brutality: through the arrests, executions, beatings, shootings, and gang rapes of the "Revolutionary" Guard's indoctrinated thugs. So the democratic Iranian revolution, festers in its rage, and continues its struggles intellectually; exiled and covertly rather than directly. In a Chinese way, the totalitarian authority continues its rule and enacts its judicial international crimes, coldly but wearily.

Iranian dissidents appear to have been subdued by a comparable fear. But since the Iranian Spring, the Arab Spring, in both civil resistance and military doing, has been successful in its re-instigation of the belief that these Iranians first assembled in their incomparable tenacity and importance two years ago. May they take heed and reconceive what they began.

Thursday, 22 September 2011

Cost cutting lives

As we very often quote, at the National Health Service's foundation, Aneurin Bevan called Conservative Party politicians "lower than vermin" for denying the underprivileged the right to healthcare based upon the interests of private profit. But for sending out letters to the terminally ill claiming benefits, already often insufficient to live with for a basic quality of life and dignity before they die, they are much lower than this. At least rats and mice have the instinctual altruism to find food for their offspring. The mentality of the Tories that dehumanizes and suppresses the sick and vulnerable is of reptilian mentality. It would be more accurate to describe them as parasitical sub-vermin scum. I have come to the conclusion that it would morally justified and responsible to respond and prevent these crimes like the Jews in Nazi Germany of the Warsaw ghetto.

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

All art is parody

All culture is a satire of all. Perhaps on a more profound level, R.S. Thomas says that the "nearest we approach God…is as creative beings. The poet, by echoing the primary imagination, recreates. Through his work he forces those who read him to do the same, thus bringing them... nearer to the actual being of God as displayed in action." So what is God? Just the conceived incapability to express?

Saturday, 17 September 2011

Occupy Wall Street - Charging Bull Moose

In the United States, Adbusters has directed the organized direct action and occupation of  Wall Street in New York. In protest of the state-supported corporate and investment banker oligarchy that caused the financial crisis, that and enslaves, subjugates and devastates lives with its multi-nationally conglomerated vested interests that criminally control political establishments. It speaks for itself! It must not be overwhelmed with provocateur agitation in its bravery. 

A malevolent representation of the defending police brutality seems to be Wall Street's Charging Bull, an arrogantly vicious ode to its occupants:

Note that this hashtag has been censored by Twitter.

However, to me, the Bull reminds of President Theodore Roosevelt's Progressive "Bull Moose" Party. The Roosevelt, in his rally against corruption and monopoly, who wrote in an article entitled THE CONTROL OF CORPORATIONS AND THE "NEW FREEDOM", in articulate refutation of Woodrow Wilson: 

"If he reads the newspapers at all, he must know that practically every man representing the great financial interests of the country, and without exception every newspaper controlled by Wall Street or State Street, actively supported either him or [Republican Party nominee] Mr. [William Howard] Taft, and showed perfect willingness to accept either if only they could prevent the Progressive party from coming into power and from putting its platform into effect."

"But if he means that I say that corporations can do well, and that corporations can also do ill, he is stating my position correctly. I hold that a corporation does ill if it seeks profit in restricting production and then by extorting high prices from the community by reason of the scarcity of the product; through adulterating, lyingly advertising, or over-driving the help; or replacing men workers with children; or by rebates; or in any illegal or improper manner driving competitors out of its way; or seeking to achieve monopoly by illegal or unethical treatment of its competitors, or in any shape or way offending against the moral law either in connection with the public or with its employees or with its rivals. Any corporation which seeks its profit in such fashion is acting badly. It is, in fact, a conspiracy against the public welfare which the Government should use all its powers to suppress. If, on the other hand, a corporation seeks profit solely by increasing its products through eliminating waste, improving its processes, utilizing its by-products, installing better machines, raising wages in the effort to secure more efficient help, introducing the principle of coöperation and mutual benefit, dealing fairly with labor unions, setting its face against the underpayment of women and the employment of children; in a word, treating the public fairly and its rivals fairly: then such a corporation is behaving well. It is an instrumentality of civilization operating to promote abundance by cheapening the cost of living so as to improve conditions everywhere throughout the whole community."

And written in the Progressive Party presidential manifesto of 1912:

"Behind the ostensible Government sits enthroned an invisible Government, owing no allegiance and acknowledging no responsibility to the people. To destroy this invisible Government, to dissolve the unholy alliance between corrupt business and corrupt politics, is the first task of the statesmanship of the day.... This country belongs to the people. Its resources, its business, its laws, its institutions, should be utilized, maintained, or altered in whatever manner will best promote the general interest." 

Accordingly, I believe the Occupy Wall Street, Day of Rage revolutionary movement in the United States, should claim the iconography of the Bull as its own. Though it does lack antlers. Maybe it should resurrect the Moose to designate its own noncompliance.

Internationally, we must obviously take heed and stand to take direct action in our own ruling financial institutions.

Thursday, 15 September 2011

Revolutionary understanding of criminal tyranny is necessary

While Cameron and Sarkozy pose triumphantly in Libya, it embodies again the doublespeak of the Orientalist narrative. They preside under administrations subsidizing an arms trade, with its DSEi fair in London, selling weapons of mass murder, torture and shackles of rendition to regimes equally as totalitarian, horrific and in violation of international law as Gaddafi's Libya, including those resisting tyranny as part of the Arab Spring in all too forgotten Saudi Arabia or Bahrain.

Therefore, with all due respect to Libyan revolutionary forces and demonstrators, and their transitional government, they should not engage in sycophancy towards the establishment figures supporting and financing the genocide of their fellow Arab and African brothers and sisters.

I would wish to say to you directly, we have never faced terror or bloodshed such as yours, but in Britain, in France and across continental Europe, for any intellectually directed dissidence, we bear the beatings and the detainment from riot squads, the surveillance and intimidation of authorities, and a legal system overwhelmingly facile to the injustice of our states. This we must universally reject in solidarity.

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

How to solve unemployment

The public programs of Franklin Delano Roosevelt's New Deal in the United States have always astounded me. The Works Progress Administrationnot only rebuilding the country's infrastructure, creating longterm opportunities in localized projects of repairing bridges, roads and rail lines, or embarking on a mass literacy campaign to educate the impoverishedincluded support for culture, such as theatre  and literature, and a Federal Arts Project with contributions from abstract expressionists such as Jackson Pollock and Mark Rothko.

In a UK presided over by austerity corporatism that concedes to the monopolization of multinational manipulation, unemployment  is higher than it has been for decades, while the United States embodies the highest rate of poverty in the developed world. (Reactionary Republicans are unlikely to accept President Obama's somewhat bold and comprehensive jobs program).

With my more detailed elaborations on capitalistic social injustice already available, I will try and be succinct: we should invest in the things that pay for themselves. The investments that create longterm surpluses and reduce deficits. We cannot have economic growth or social development with suppressed if not absolutely impossible social mobility. This being, like the Works Progress Administration, funding the jobs and public programs directly: science, technology and engineering to provide modern and publicly provided transportation, and fully sustainable and renewable forms of energy; support for the arts and humanities, grants to small businesses and entrepreneurs, and provision of universal education. 

Monday, 12 September 2011


On a dialectical level, we can elaborate truth and the burden of truth quite simply. Logically, to define its meaning beyond abstraction, we confounded and are confined in attempts to actualize it directly. We establish the principles that are individual but interdependent:

1. Creative propositions and abstract ideas (the relative).
2. The singular, constant and literate existences (the absolute).
3. The methodology of objective understanding relative to the absolute, namely science when applied to the psychical universe (the empirical).

The first I will represent with p, the second with q and the third with y.

q is of its own cognitive dimension. Humanity can define everything; we call it everything. It exists regardless of p, but we depend upon p, no matter how accountably mistaken or indirect, to define and develop our conception of q through y, which is the most direct actualization of q. 

Sunday, 11 September 2011


I have always described the affect of the occurrences of ten years ago today on my generation as something of a passive realization. Many of us were old enough to have witnessed the attacks, yet too young to have understood them, or mature enough to have felt their intended fright. I do remember the stereotypical personal location: the small television in my grandma's kitchen, as the happy-faced eight-year-old in his neatly blue school uniform. I remember the desolated twin buildings on the frontpages of newspapers, but can't remember being aware of the hell in front of the Pentagon. Perhaps this can only apply to us who saw them in this detached sort of way. We later had our minutes of silence at school.  In another that may have been on the first anniversary, our teacher thoughtfully told us to think of the suffering and the grief of those involved. For whatever reason, I can still see a singular woman running away from the debris in Manhattan, and the bloodied office workers merely walking and confounded. Only through the advent of our technological advances have I been able to truly confront them, taking a decade afterwards to be overwhelmed with the sickness of that day.

And in this feeling, what a disgrace it will always be to have used these atrocities to excuse the war crimes, the torture, the totalitarian erosion of basic civil freedoms, that the perpetrating forces of theocratic tyranny have always approved of.  Osama bin Laden being shot in face and dumped in the ocean is irrelevant. He is the Emmanuel Goldstein of this propaganda narrative. "Anti-terrorism" laws are used to justify arrests of dissidents, suppression of activists and protesters, intimidation of peaceful resistantance against local authorities, and photographers in public spaces. "Anti-terrorism" is the reason for a future of total surveillance, national DNA databases, and absolute contempt and presumed guilt of all persons. If we are to believe this is justifiable, then we wish to let the terrorists win. In fact, the west has been well indoctrinated by the tactically comparable forces.

Monday, 5 September 2011

Selective extremism

On September 11, 1976, a terrorist attack occurred in New York City. After the perpetrators hijacked a plane, they revealed the location of a bomb in the Grand Central Terminal in Manhattan. The disarmament of the bomb was not undertaken adequately; thirty people were killed. In the aftermath of the 9/11 atrocities exactly 25 years later, those responsible for the Grand Central Terminal attacks were immediately considered as the possible perpetrators: Croatian nationalists, with ideology likely inclined to far-right Christian fundamentalism, white supremacist racism and neo-fascism. These Balkan movements that preceded and glorify sectarian ethic cleansing are among the malevolent forefathers of the crimes of Anders Behring Brevik, included in the manifesto justifying his massacre of young Norwegian socialists. Brevik has indicated his association with these groups as well as many others: Christian "Patriot", Tea Party and conspiracy theorist militia movements in the United States, viciously brutal skinheads in Russia, or English Defense League thugs in my own country, some of them pictured in a manner easily comparable to al-Qaeda militants:

In another context, I have never seen any televised news coverage of the terrorism committed by Joseph Kony's Lord's Resistance Army in Uganda, which pledges itself to establish Biblical theocracy through unspeakable brutality against native Muslim and animist civilian populations. The lessons are clear: the threat of Christofascism is just as pernicious, and minority, as the Islamofascism that committed the monstrosities of September 11, 2001.

Friday, 2 September 2011

OU against the cuts

I wish to bring attention to OU activists, Open University students and academics standing against the government's budget cuts, privatizations and extortionate rises in tuition fees in public education. The Open University is only one of so many institutions affected, and is resisting, protesting and occupying against them accordingly. When universities across the country are being permitted to raise their fees to £9,000 a year, the OU are raising their own to £5,000, significantly less compared but still more than the indebtedness to students prior to the infliction of the government's agendas. While only being unconventional as a university in terms of not having a specific physical location, the Open University does provide opportunities in alleviation of the country's inequalities in a highly universal and meritocratic principle. While the state's attack on all public education must be defeated, this is why such assault on the OU is so particularly contemptible.

Thursday, 1 September 2011

Misogyny and feminism

Patriarchy affects us all. Committed by men and women, discriminating against men and women.

A curious aspect of its oppressive attitude is the way in which patriarchally conditioned women degrade and refer to men in the characteristic of the culture of misogyny itself. Men not engaging in behaviors, attitudes or recreational activities generally disrespectful and objectifying to women, are routinely demanded to "man up"; deemed and vilified to be effeminate, perhaps in equal homophobia as a "faggot." Perhaps for advocating feminism, and/or social equality of the genders. 

In such we learn that the female eunuch knows her place: the male is demanded to fulfill his inherent superiority, and she is the doll, the prize, the accessory and the fuck toy. For affirming and echoing the sentiments of her patriarch, she earns a pat on the head for the gratification she provides, under the smug delusion of being his friendly equal.

Quoting Simone de Beauvoir: "Man is defined as a human being and a woman as a female - whenever she behaves as a human being she is said to imitate the male." We can easily exchange "woman" for "man" and this quote is equally as relevant. The supposedly separate,
honourable traits of the genders is what defines the greatness of humanity. In its compassion,  ethics, bravery, affection, stoicism, principle, and indignation to the oppression of patriarchy's inhumanity and anti-intellectualism. Reinforcing sociopolitical violence and supression at all levels. Where persons reflective and compassionate on a basic level, whatever their gender identities, are dehumanised.