Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Wage slavery

(Also published here at the The Activists publication).
If writing was not a necessary function for the the purposes of wage slavery, its schooling would likely be gradually phased out. The corporate intents of literacy have no interest in intellect or literature of the creative or compassionate humanities. Similarly, monopoly capitalist wage slavery’s breadth of thinking and range of communication is limited to only its bear purposes of order and action. Through the methodology of Panoptic indoctrination, they are literally conditioned to be followed without question, and if disobeyed met with institutionalized intimidation and humiliation.
The individually vilified workers do not resist to such treatment and subjugation due to abject dependence and subsistence on the wages of their employers (slave masters). It is monopoly of the life, and a hierarchy of oppression and conformity beyond any supposedly ideological or cultural definitions. However, it is the democratic purpose and historical struggle of the world’s trade unions, advocacy groups, activists, cultural thinkers and labour movements that have advanced and overcome the suppression of such inherent injustice, in a constant resistance to overcome the agendas enforced by capitalist authoritarian states. Any engaged preoccupation of political processes is essentially directed by a concern for the human condition; one that is universal, to be defended with every fibre of our beings lest we eventually descend into dystopia as we define it.

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