Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Riot tactics

The only way England's mass scourge of looting and vanadalism could be anymore dystopian would be if the army were deployed on the streets. David Cameron has now permitted the police use baton fire, i.e. the shooting of crowds with rubber bullets, and water cannons. These methods have only ever been used in Northern Irish sectarian conflicts, in which they claimed the lives of several children.

It is forensically noted that: 'The use of plastic baton rounds is of real importance to many people across Northern Ireland, not least those who have in the past suffered loss or harm to their family members and friends, and the board acknowledges this," he said.'  And that 'there had been "inadequate medical assessments on the impact of this weapon on children". 

As for water cannon, this was used along with pepper spray and regular riot squad beatings against a demonstration of construction of the Stuttgart 21 railway station in Germany. Courtesy of The Third Estate, here is the real consequence not for the squeamish or delusional.

A truly sick society is one that matches wanton theft, vandalism and thuggery with the tactics comparable to military dictatorship and likely greater repression of democratic civil liberties in the future.

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