Monday, 8 August 2011

It began in London

When you cut into the fabric of society and remain complicit to its interrelated injustice, the kind of disintegration we now see occurring in London (apparently spreading across the country as I update) is a natural consequence of that. Like the great majority who have comprised revolutionary movements in Egypt and Tunisia, the communities affected and enraged by police violence, racial discrimination, unemployment and inequality now entrenched by the government's corporate austerity agenda, are in the most impartial and lamentably appalling sense, revolting it. The abject condition of mistrust is inconceivable.

On the violence in Stokes Croft earlier this year, I said such occurrences in foundation of discontent desperation would be inevitable. Of course certain criminal elements will take advantage as a matter of theft or mindless violence much in nature to that inflicted by the Met riot squads. We may call this a spring. But upon mass resistance comes proverbial wildfire. Lack of respect for justice for all accords to lack of respect for law, and victimhood of the innocent. We know very well who and what to hold to account primarily for these hideous and terrifying occurrences, the big broken society. They're enjoying themselves on holiday.

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