Monday, 22 August 2011

Evasive words on Libya

The genocidal and Islamic fundamentalist regime of Mummar al-Gaddafi is finally falling. Compared to the crimes of his devoted troops (and foreign mercenaries), we should have a profound respect for the dignity and sense of justice understood by the rebel side. They have pledged that once Gaddafi is overthrown, all civilians will be treated equally in courts of law for any crimes they may have committed, regardless of their allegiance during the civil war. This foundation of basic justice must the commence the stride for Libya's liberal democracy.

I have to admit that the conspiratorial "anti-war" nonsense of some is making me more and more objectively hawkish.

We don't forget the support of our governments and arms companies given to the Gaddafi government for the 41 years and 6 months before this uprising. For the same reason the new representatives of the country's freedom must stand against the imperialist forces of corporate profits and IMF indebtedness, in true democratic socialism, paradigm to Gaddafi's neo-fascist bastardization of the term.

Meanwhile, the facile rhetoric of some complacent "anti-war" types, the Lord Haw Haws, the reactionary useful idiots and Stalinist vermin, remains irrelevant in its delusional debasement of intellectual honesty. While respecting weariness of NATO in understanding the total hypocrisy of western governments (Senator John McCain's friendly courting of Gaddafi, for example), the demogauges of these apologetics, for "peace" or "anti-imperialism" are at worse easily comparable to the pro-Hitler Tories and Labour Party traitors, deeply sympathetic towards Hitler and Mussolini fascism, the Chamberlains and Lord Halifaxes rightfully condemed by the journalists and campaigners like George Orwell and Michael Foot.

Disclamer: I am referring to people of a very specific manner. See here and here.

I for one will watch and the overthrow and revolution of an authoritarian regime by a civilian resistance force with welcome.

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