Saturday, 20 August 2011

Education et al.

People are leaving their schools after requiring their A-levels to clamour for university places they cannot afford, or will be extorted in severe debt for the entitlement of taking. While I am taking my B.A. in philosophy and psychology with the Open University, I left school at fifteen with no qualifications at all. The school I attended of which I shall not name, but one that is subsidized by criminal arms company BAE Systems, disallowed me to take the GCSE subjects I would have worked for before college age. I was intrinsically deemed a failure and therefore segregated and demeaned on institutional level, as was my single mother disrespected when she attempted to prevent this on my behalf. For this came the typical excuses from the local bureaucratically authoritarian authorities in their newspeak: in my "best interests" to be entirely subjugated. When I discuss this on a personal level it seems unavoidable to sound ridiculously self-pitying and arrogant. I feel I am entitled to a certain degree of objective bitterness. Though as typical in nihilistic confrontation, it accords to something to immediately resist against totally beyond my own neurotic selfishness.

The families of the hierarchically favoured wealthy and privileged elite can easily buy their children into universities. The same ruling class of which monopolizes political and financial processes has its intrinsic intention for the majority the subsist in servitude as their wage slaves. If literacy was not necessary for wage slavery it would gradually phased out of teaching by state schools. If we believe in the humanities, we should call indoctrination of uniformity the dehumanites.

I primarily and proudly consider myself self-educated. In individualistic self-determination and inspiration comes the focus of my occurring interests and activities. Now forgive my seeming presumptuousness, but I have only considered systems of class in terms of will and condemnation to be opposed and deconstructed. Otherwise I am at heart an egalitarian, with a conviction that the state-monopoly capitalist profit motive is incompatible with basic principle of meritocracy that socialism fulfills.

University 'market' is a con - Stefan Collini

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