Thursday, 18 August 2011

Another war crimes operation

I will never forget my indignant rage in witnessing Israel's Operation Cast Lead at the beginning of 2009. The patent illegitimacy, psychopathic violence, the governmental dismissal of Israeli authorities on par with any surrounding dictatorship. At that point I was politically aware enough, in forming consciousness, to understand the injustice and atrocities  perpetually occurring in the Palestinian territories. But the occurrences of these dozen days solidified the cause of Palestine in my heart and mind through a sheer sense of horror and disgust. The humble deceleration of dropping paper leaflets before the bombings began, tactically chosen in times and locations where Palestinian schoolchildren were making their way home from school. Even the desperately futile hurl of some rocks seems to justify the dropping of cluster bombs and white phosphorous in the eyes of Israeli authorities. Though violence from the IDF or Hamas are as equally obstructionist, it always seems that in the Israeli propaganda narrative, the actions of the latter are entirely randomized out of characteristics of sheer Orientalism.

Today Israel repeats its typical connotations, in response to attacks not even proven to relate to militants where they occupy.  In these coming days the families and children of Gaza are in my soul.

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