Saturday, 30 July 2011

Passive atrocities

In Britain, I believe the institutionalized discrimination against the most vulnerable disabled and sick people equates to crimes against humanity on a complacent yet mass scale. This is a term that should of course never be used lightly. But I conceive that the seemingly acceptable and dehumanized degregation, patronization, abuse against disabled people, all manufactured and encouraged disablism by fascistic and vicious tabloid newspapers, makes it ultimately appropriate. It is all within the culture of the self-satisfied vilification of those relying upon state support in circumstances beyond themselves. The unemployed with no jobs to find. The single parents abandoned by the irresponsible, or the disabled imprisoned by their debilitation. The same politicians who pander to these repulsive hates crimes, take for granted the carers who work for benefits, to care for their dependent relatives out of love, for menial wages granted to them by that essentially amount to slave labour. The Atos corporation is guilty of numerous cases of manslaughter by proxy, in its employment by the UK government to deny disabled benefit claimants their welfare on behalf of private and conserved profits. The demands and excuses given in trials of proof for physical disability can be patently absurd. My grandfather was amputee with heart disease and diabetes. "Not disabled" once according to Atos.

Some may argue my designation towards this entirely fabricated Daily Express headline to be a common denominator that we would refer to as Godwin's law. But it is accurate enough to summarize it thus: Untermensch.

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