Friday, 15 July 2011

My disillusionment with the atheist "community"

Richard Dawkins and A.C. Grayling are two intellectuals and educators of whom I have learnt and found a great deal of inspiration from. This is why I can only can best describe their suddenly vested agendas and certain recent remark to be disappointing at least. Grayling establishes a for-profit elite private college that uses the resources and plagiarizes the coursework of the University of London, of which Dawkins is part of as the lecturers who teach the privileged few perhaps one or two times per year.

Dawkins then makes shamefully sexist and small-minded remarks against Rebecca Watson's objection, to a man propositioning her in an elevator in the early hours of the morning, situations in which a significant majority of women have been victim to rape. As if the atrocities inflicted against women in Islamic theocracies make such lack of basic consideration dismissively acceptable. Now, this was only the dispute between Dawkins and Watson, and his statements were merely tactless.  Dawkins's remarks I would hope he would view as merely retrospectively shortsighted and cynical. Which is why I would in no way wish to account him to the overwhelmingly misogynistic and repulsive  bleatings Watson has been subject to from the consecrate "community". Those respecting the rights and dignity of women seem to be the minority. But I would give the misogynistic majority in this case the benefit of the doubt; I don't believe this is their natural tendency. They merely sycophantically and delusionally clamour to Dawkins's casual sentiments in his favour. So why bother condemning the primitive fundamentalist objectification and brutality of women?  Don't pathetically gabble the religiosity of your double standards in my name. As a humanist I am consistent in my feminism.  In the context of Grayling's project, so many have seemingly become remarkable capitalist reactionaries, snidely disregarding those viewing it as a institutionalized threat to universal education teaching the Enlightenment humanities without the disparity of the anti-intellectualist profit motive.

What rational logicians you are.

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