Saturday, 23 July 2011

The meaning of feminism

As a feminist, I do not distinguish between all forms of discrimination being an encompassing violation of the rights of all individuals. Females however (despite outnumbering my fellow males in the world) are the group most subject to dehumanizing and obstructive categorization. While women and girls are those victim to, yes, the misogyny of institutionalized patriarchy, the nature of the latter interweaves in nature to all authoritarian structures of power, social control and cynical manipulation. I would describe fashion industry as the following: the method of castration of the female eunuchs. So what am I if not a martinet? I am a man, and I am a human being. The conditioned purpose of the misogynists is as simply as the mentally neutered thugs (mostly in verbal abuse against women, even more parasitical if physical) of the oligarchal patriarchs. In the same sense, I am quite strongly inclined to distinguish masculinity from patriarchy, just I would femininity (to the latter). Patriarchy ultimately subdues humanity overall.

There is nothing loving about the nuclear family if archetypally and structurally enforced. It undermines the happiness and conditions the subservience of us all.

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