Friday, 1 July 2011

A Leftist article: Corporations Prosper While Human Beings Starve, The Irony of Progress

The fundamental causes of crime are poverty and lack of education. The human monopolization of the corporate profit motive is intrinsic to both of the latter. Human beings are either coerced into its personified commoditization or are abandoned into destitution.
A percentage of the population statistically dehumanized, is denied the occupation and opportunity in society fundamental to civilization, based upon nothing but the vested constraints of the profit motive. A fully developed, liberating and equal society is undermined according to the elite corruption of the few.
The meaning of Marx’s phrase, “each according to his ability, each according to his need,” stands for the respect of every individual, and the duty their talents and capabilities hold, which are entirely disrespected through the ethically detached power of the ruling class.
The funds of welfare for the underprivileged, vulnerable and desperate in circumstances beyond themselves or unforeseeable are limited, while those for corporate welfare are seemingly infinite. Working people and families must bear the reduced income of regressive taxation, while corporations are given tax cuts, and the gap between the very wealthiest and very poorest rises with every generation.
What kind of conservative economic liberalism is this?

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