Sunday, 10 July 2011

A Leftist article: Capitalism is a Multifaceted Machine Designed for the Destruction of the Humane

This structured process of existence I do not understand: a person goes to school and gains qualifications for only the inherent and arbitrary purpose of employment. Going to university, they are more than often indebted extortionately first in early adulthood; it is vested interest for lives to be enslaved as early as and as severely as possible.
They work for an employer. Their lives when not exerted for a wage is spent in superficial and mindnumbing distraction of mental defeat. They have some children they mentally coerce into doing the same, they die, and expect their grandchildren to exist exactly.
For as long as I can remember, this has deeply saddened and disturbed me. I will never forget how at secondary school, even polite objection from my withdrawn self was “defiance”. Or how those objecting to abuse from owners during mid-term vocational work were vilified for not tolerating the abuse and objectification in conditioning for slave wagery.
Consumerism inherently relies upon the sabotage and destruction of development that could otherwise provide for all of humanity. Planned obsolescence, catastrophically effecting the environment, is intentionally programmed by the profit motive, where individual incomes would otherwise be self-sustainable in total alleviation of opportunity. It intrinsically distracts and dominates in subjugation and obstruction.

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