Saturday, 2 July 2011

The Assange/Žižek discussion

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In context of the footage released by WikiLeaks, of the fatal shootings of surrendering journalists and civilians in Afghanistan by U.S. Apaches, under the permission of military commanders, Žižek makes the important point of the "abstraction" of the victims, in context of Yugoslavian genocide in Srebrenica.  The Collateral Murder video undoes the media dehumanization of the victims of crimes against humanity. "Collateral damage" (that sickening phrase) when witnessed is realized as atrocity. The segregation of unfortunate statistics and the slaughter of human beings is ethically admonished.

Some have presumptuously accused Assange of "taking credit" for the Middle East and North African uprisings. He doesn't. He merely observes the instigation of revolution through the open informationalism of which WikiLeaks has intrinsically influenced and directed. I can't imagine Assange finding honour in holding national company with Rupert Murdoch, but perhaps he is the great anti-government disseminator; the antidote to Murdoch's propaganda empire. 

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