Saturday, 18 June 2011

What debt is slavery?

Money is credit. Credits are units computerized by banks and international traders and conglomerates that are ultimately worthless in any sort of inspired and developmental value or meaning. Neo-feudal conservatives advocate a return to the gold standard, or the re-legalization of trade and purchasing in precious metals and materials. The ability of governments to print money without this constraint is based upon adaption to modern society, but basically bases itself upon the same constructed monopolism. They're right to criticize how the paper  printed out of thin air can cause such mass catastrophe and injustice, so in this sense, there's a certain irony to the rhetoric of those called deficit hawks. They address important economic issues otherwise unconsidered and ignored. There just seems to be something inherent about the system they don't realize.

It is no coincidence that government procurements to the interests of the wealthiest elite is seemingly infinite, while personal debts of the general population are rigidly overwhelming and extortionate to the independent advancement of their lives, and keep undeveloped nations in the oblivion of suffering.

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