Monday, 6 June 2011

What are the workers worth?

It is worth viewing the trial of Dominique Strauss-Kahn for the rape of lowly waged New York maid beside the IMF's condoning of George Osborne's "austerity measures" in the UK, namely cuts in public funding and the lowering of taxation for the country's wealthiest corporations. The report was made by interim John Lipsky, who was the IMF representative of Chile during the reign of Augusto Pinochet's radical right-wing dictatorship, admired by Margaret Thatcher and enforced by the general's genocidal junta.

The IMF is essentially an international extortion racket. It grants loans to the governments of the world's poorest and degragated countries, especially in the third world, being overwhelmingly unaffordable to their people according to the financial hierarchy's decisive measures. The consequential atrocities in the desperate dealings with this coercion is unspeakable, and would be considered the most despicable sort of crime on an individual level, of which the vested interests of corporate-banking conglomerates profiteer from.

All the while, Business Secretary Vince Cable (chief economist of Royal Dutch Shell during the execution of Nigerian environmentalist Ken Saro-Wiwa), said this to the GMB trade union congress:

 "I know that strike levels remain historically low, especially in the private sector. Assuming this pattern continues, the case for changing strike law is not compelling. However, should strikes impose serious damage to our economic and social fabric, the pressure on us to act would ratchet up."

I place emphasis on this remarkable totalitarianism. The terror of threatening "serious damage to our economic and social fabric" seems straight out the automated state intimidation of the People's Republic of China. These words from the tragically awkward specter of the former Saint who condemned the greed, corruption and incompetence of major corporations and banks, are the final nail in the festering coffin of Liberal  Democrat credibility to me. They are in contempt of basic democratic human rights and civil liberties. The Tories and their stooges bearing a Little Orange Book have a systematically criminal agenda, and will suppress dissent through the draconian authoritarianism of Orwellian bureaucracies and the brutality of the capital's mercantile police thugs. Cable's references to Mao don't seem so ironic now. The laws implemented against unions will make the country a national Wisconsin. The doublespeak of exerting your right to strike will cause it to be taken from you. 

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