Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Stalinist vermin oppose the Arab Spring

The Communist Party of Great Britain (Marxist-Leninist) is led by an individual named Harpal Brar. Under his leadership, it reveres Stalin and adheres to the policies of his rule, along with Chairman Mao's. It denies Stalin's role in the Great Purge of dissidents and his responsibility for the Holodomor, historical revisionism comparable to Holocaust denial. They internationally associate with the parties that are the only legally permitted under their totalitarian governments: the communist parties of China and North Korea (along with Islamist insurgents of Iraq).

After Mummar Gaddafi pledged "no mercy" and for every man, woman and child in  Bengazi to be “hunted down in every neighbourhood, every street, every house,” a dozen or so stood on the streets of London bearing the the dark green standard of Gaddafi's Libya, with the CPGB (M-L)'s publication declaring "victory to Gaddafi!", following the first NATO airstrikes before preceding genocide of the civilian population.  Their appropriately delusional propaganda mostly consists of undeviating conspiracy theories about oil (like Gaddafi's).  On their website, like the incredible agriculture and manufacturing of the Soviet Union (Stalin's Holodomor did greatly alleviate its economy), in Gaddafi's Libya "women have gained full legal equality with men. Everybody has enough food on the table and every Libyan is provided with decent rent-free housing, free, good quality health care and free education." Under Gaddafi's rule, women do hold equality with men by law, but according to the reports of Human Rights Watch "women and girls suffer in "social rehabilitation" facilities in Libya. These include violations of their rights to liberty, freedom of movement, personal dignity, privacy and due process. Libyan authorities are holding many women and girls in these facilities who have committed no crime, or who have completed a sentence. Some are there for no reason other than that they were raped, and are now ostracized for staining their families’ “honor.” Officials transferred the majority of these women and girls to these facilities against their will, while those who came voluntarily did so because no genuine shelters for victims of violence exist in Libya." Female genital mutilation is routinely practiced.

Libya has one of the worst human rights records in the world. Before the atrocities inflicted against its revolutionaries, dissidents were imprisoned for years or their lives without trial.  The revolution stands for democracy, as Gaddafi's regime holds no free elections in the slightest (it is a dictatorship afterall). The only free press is controlled by the state, civillians have no right to protest, and workers have no right to unionize or strike. The country is a de facto Islamic theocracy, where religious minority groups are disacknowledged and suppressed  (antisemitic pogroms and genocide of Libya's Jews have entirely erdicated its Jewish population.) 

Do the lives of Libyans amount to being free for having the privilege of laboring for menial wages to buy food so they and their families don't starve to death? Like Stalin, we have to suspend our sense of rationality and  indignation to find anything gratifying about Gaddafi's western arms trade-supported rule (huzzah, Dear Leader Gaddafi has implemented some successful economic programs). It takes these perverse Stalinists in purpose and nature do so, to patronize an opposition fighting for their lives and freedoms against Gaddafi's thugs, assassins and brutal mercenaries, and amount their resistance to nothing but inconvenient anxieties over unemployment.

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