Friday, 3 June 2011


We have already been dead, non-existent, unconscious, for the infinite amount of time before we were born. So has the rest of the psychical universe. And how are we human beings? As all those non-existent before us, in immortality, in life as the precedence to death. Humanity is not our fragile bodies and our primordial equiblrums, this is only biological. But in our words, our creations, our relationships, forming the conception of our exertions and externalizations. Our consciousness is pre-death,  infinitely marginal in time beside infinity itself. As Camus defined the ultimate philosophical question: "Why don't we all commit suicide?", The choice is between the infinity of death or immortality of our pre-death, the greatest life we endeavor to achieve and define within the limitations of our mortality. It is distinguished by living in the name of forever, or just existing according to the infantile and primitive perception of matterless or supernatural eternity.

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